The seven towers were nobly named after the ill-fated signatories of the 1916 Irish Proclamation.  Once dominating the Dublin skyline, they are now glaringly absent - apart from one.  The Joseph Plunkett tower and an accompanying stretch of eight-storey blocks, nervously await the day of their impending execution.


Ballymun is a body of work surrounding the regeneration of an area in North Dublin, Ireland.  The ongoing regeneration has culminated in the near-complete removal of all traces of the failed 1960s social housing experiment.  Seventeen years into the regeneration programme, local residents have once again been left without adequate access to local amenities.  The video, The Centre, was filmed in the now semi-derlict shopping centre in the area.

The work questions the notion of regeneration and the gap between humanity and architecture.

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Helouise O'Reilly

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