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There is often a pressure to exist within societal norms and existing outside of these can leave a person feeling isolated and misunderstood. Medication can promise to solve all of your problems, but at what cost?

Disorder is an experimental six-channel video installation which invites the viewer to experience life through the eyes of an adult with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It explores some of the frustrations an individual with the condition may experience, and the resulting internal debate of whether to medicate or not.


The work questions apparent negatives of the disorder and how with a different perspective, some of these characteristics may also have a positive side to them.

Disorder is an exploration of identity and self-acceptance. Whether living with a diagnosed disorder or not, many people may have their own inner struggle to fit into life's order. In our fast-paced society there can be an expectation to produce, to conform, and often individuality is not taken into account. Some may find it harder to meet those expectations than others. In this case, it brings us to ask the question, is it a 'disorder' or just an alternate state of being?

2017, six channel video installation, colour, 8 minutes 17 seconds

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