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Peeking Under (2014)




Peeking Under developed from encounters with a travelling Russian circus over a period of three years.  


Through a study of the life of the travelling circus and their performers, there is an attempt to enter into a world that is traditionally closed to those outside it.


Contradictions between the extrovert nature of the performer on stage and the privacy and reality of life off-stage, is evident in the work.  The contrast between spontaneous glamour and the reality of routine.


The mask and the conept of dual identity is examined in the work.  The notion that adopting another persona can enable people to behave differently and overcome fears.  They are not confined to normal social rules and behaviour.



Installation; clock, tablet, video 'Katia' (colour, 12 minutes 37 seconds, looped), tarpaulin, metal screen, video projection, 'Inside Outside' (colour, 2 minutes 40 seconds, looped), plaster cast, photographic prints on tracing paper, video 'The Mask' (10 minutes, 26 seconds), 2 televisions, 3 DVD players, suitcase, video 'Walking in Puddles' (colour, 1 minute 45 seconds, looped), 'Swan' dibond photographic print (420 x 594 mm)



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