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The world is saturated with numbers.  How we interpret them depends on our perception.  They act as codes, possessing and relaying information to tell us about the world around us.  Through our life, numbers become interwoven with our identity, for example our date of birth, national insurance number, weight and height. 


It could be argued that some people feel a stronger personal association with numbers than others.  This may be affected by superstition and a range of religious, cultural and social factors. 

The video, ‘Sweatin’ explores these ideas within the context of a traditional, working class bingo hall in the city centre of Belfast. Though the video is filmed in a gambling environment, it acts as a means to discuss the relationship between numbers and identity in general.

Due to the traditionally private nature of the environment it was filmed in, ‘Sweatin’ is an intimate glimpse into a private world.

2018, installation; video, large scale projection, colour, 8 minutes, series of five framed bingo cards, three TV monitors, two MP3 players with audio recording

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